Drug Testing And Marijuana Startups – A Budding Industry

image of marijuana startup business 3Marijuana startups are all around us. They’re not going away anytime soon thanks to a marijuana push in our country.

Alaska recently joined as one of the states to legalize marijuana. Several other states have legalized medical marijuana. Which state is next?

Despite marijuana’s growing popularity, employers are still testing their employees across the country.

Conflict Of Interest?

We don’t know the specific drug testing policies for every company, but could you imagine Leafly asking prospective employers to submit a urine sample? It seems contradictory.

The marijuana movement doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. It’s only a matter of time before more states say yes to legal marijuana. But, how will the drug testing industry fair throughout the process?

Currently, patients of California’s medical marijuana program can be denied a job if they fail a drug test. So, in essence, we are saying it’s okay to use marijuana for health problems, but you’re not allowed to work in certain places because of it.

The math isn’t adding up, and it’s only going to get worse.

Of course, we’re highlighting the private companies of the nation. A private company has the right to drug test however they see fit.

The Demand To Pass

The drug testing industry coupled with a more relax marijuana nation has created a new market. It’s one where people want to solve the following problem: How to pass a drug test.

Check out the image below. It comes from Google trends, which is a free tool that allows anyone to compare search history. It’s much like a timeline the stock market uses.

image of how to pass a drug test graph

We entered the term, “pass a drug test”. As you can see, the term has been trending up for the past five or so years. The last five years represent a huge amount of change when it comes to people’s opinion of marijuana.

Remember when Washington and Colorado first allowed legal marijuana. Well, that change took place in 2012 and wasn’t implemented until 2013. Don’t expect the graph to slope downward anytime soon.

We decided to do more Google searches. We entered the following searches:

  • How To Pass A Drug Test
  • How To Pass A Urine Drug Test
  • How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test

If you’ve got 10 minutes to kill, take a moment and try some of these searches. The results were unbelievable. There are entire websites and online stores dedicated to providing people with products to help them pass their test.

We found out that the hair drug test is the hardest to pass. Drug Rehab Alliance says they know of products that will do the trick. If you’re interested, click here to learn about how people pass hair tests.

Other sites, like Erowid, provide information about expected drug timelines. Click here to learn more about drug detection times.

Did you try some of the searches? It’s unbelievable, and we believe the underground drug testing market will continue to thrive.

No one wants to test positive for a drug test, especially when they live in a pot-friendly state.

Who Is Losing?

In our opinion, we believe the companies and technology push of America will slow down if the tension isn’t resolved. Many of the world’s brightest individuals consume marijuana. Some of these people will be left without a job.

Innovation will slow down. Our nation will be divided.

What needs to change?

I believe the first step starts with our government. First off, it makes no sense that a state can legalize a drug that the federal government calls illegal.

The tension trickles down to the people of the nation. Companies want to preserve an image.

What are your thoughts on this new budding industry?

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Most Common Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

Starting a company from scratch is a difficult task for anyone, especially those new to the entrepreneurial world. Making mistakes is normal though to be aware of them before it happens is even better so it can be avoided. The failure rate for new businesses is very high so you must be ready to take it on the chin and learn from it. Entrepreneurship is about testing and improving, learn from the mistakes made and try to avoid those common ones.

Long Video, But Worth A Watch

Choosing The Wrong Partner

Having a co-founder with you is a big decision, and you will be responsible for choosing the right person that will be there with you through everything. With your skills, make sure to choose someone that compliments those skills so you are a team that can work together on everything.

image of entrepreneur mistakes 1Hiring The Wrong Employees

The business idea is not going to reach success on its own; the people you hire are going to do that. Take your time to find the right people for each job, and that have the skills you lack, and then you can build a team that can conquer anything.

Not Validating Your Ideas

Trusting your thoughts and ideas is one thing, but without getting validation you could be on the road to failure. Always test your idea before investing too much time, effort and money.

Get feedback on your product proposals from startup experts that have experience and from potential customers so you can understand and improve.

Not Knowing When To Change

When you test out your ideas, you will gain useful feedback that you might not be ready for. Rather than ignoring the feedback or forgetting your idea completely, there comes a time when you have to learn to change your ideas for the better. It may not be your original plan, but a new direction may be the key to bringing you success.

Taking Too Long Planning

A big mistake with many businesses and a reason lots fail is not getting the product or ideas to the market fast enough. Spending too long adding new features and more products can take more time and money for an unsure return. Instead, use your most valuable product and release it into the market, and then you can see whether it is worth adding more features or products to the line.

Not Enough Marketing

No matter how amazing your idea is, marketing is crucial. These days, having a strong online presence is something every business should have and using this to market is vital. Social media and search engine optimisation are some of the best ways to expand your reach and get your name out there.

The Right Amount of Input

Getting too much of the wrong advice or not enough of the right advice can be dangerous. Using intelligent input is part of building a successful business but only in the right amount, too much can be overpowering. Try to have sources that have experience in building businesses in your industry that can provide you with the right advice when needed. Having advisors for each part of the business can be better than those who advise on the business as a whole.

Choosing The Wrong Fundraiser

Almost all businesses will need capital to get started. Whether you choose to crowd fund, bootstrap or raise venture investment, you must choose one funding strategy before you begin and stick with it until the end. Dipping and dabbing in different schemes will only make you look bad and probably leave you with little money to play with.

Not Listening To Customers

The customer should be the businesses number one priority, as they are the ones buying your product or service. Listen to their feedback and be active in client communication. You should also be targeting a certain customer base rather than trying to reach out to everyone, make your product specific for your customers, and you will do better.

image of entrepreneur mistakes 2Not Networking

With a lot of business, success comes from knowing the right people. Do not put networking as low priority; take any opportunities to meet people whether they are potential customers or important people in the industry both online and in person. It will expand the visibility for your name and the business.


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7 Hottest Marijuana Startups in 2015

image of marijuana startup business 1As regulations begin to change, people are taking the pot industry more seriously, and there are lots of startups popping up all over the place. With Colorado and Washington leading the way, many more states seem to be realising the benefits and voting to legalise marijuana. With more places in the mix, we will likely see many more startups looking to take the marijuana industry further. Here are the new ones to look out for in this up and coming market.

With more places in the mix, we will likely see many more startups looking to take the marijuana industry further. Here are the new ones to look out for in this up and coming market.


An online community for marijuana users that allow users to connect with each other as well as providing information on different strains, local dispensaries and doctors. One of the first online cannabis networks, it was bought in 2010 when it was already making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. Since then WeedMaps has kept growing, acquiring three more companies as well as helping charities.

image of marijuana startup business 2Marijuana.com

Bought in 2011 for $4.2 million by WeedMaps, this site is like a social network with a marijuana theme. There is a bulletin board where interesting and fun pictures can be shared as well as informative articles like on WeedMaps. Users create an account and browse through the images and stories, meet other people, follow celebrities, etc. The fact that we now have a marijuana-themed social network shows how acceptable it has become in mainstream society and illustrates how many people show an interest, which is a lot.WeedMaps, this site is like a social network with a marijuana theme. There is a bulletin board where interesting and fun pictures can be shared as well as informative articles like on WeedMaps. Users create an account and browse through the images and stories, meet other people, follow celebrities, etc. The fact that we now have a marijuana-themed social network shows how acceptable it has become in mainstream society and illustrates how many people show an interest, which is a lot.


Ploom are the smoking accessory kings in the industry. It was started by James Monsees and Adam Bowen. The company mainly targets smokers of tobacco and pot with its range of accessories and even their blends, though the recent vaporizers have been a huge hit in the cannabis community. The Pax vaporizer has many great features that have made it so popular with smokers and non-smokers, and they have just released a newer, slimmer model that makes it even better.


Similar to WeedMaps, Leafly is also an online community for consumers of marijuana. It has fast become one of the main places for cannabis information and resources. They cover hundreds of strains where people can read reviews, user ratings and get more information, plus recent pot-related news and local doctors and dispensaries. Privateer Holdings took over Leafly in 2011 and now use it as their main source of data and information.

Eaze / Meadow

These two companies are both based in San Francisco though Eaze is planning expansion to LA, Denver and Seattle. They both partner with local medical marijuana dispensaries and deliver your order to your front door. Regulations can be difficult in some places with many similar companies getting shut down, but as the industry grows this type of company will increase as we all love things delivered to our doorstep.


Based in New York and California, PotBotics are the brains when it comes to understanding the substance. They develop tools and software that can assist doctors, patients and growers of weed to completely understand the ins and outs of the drug and what it does to people.

Their most recent release comes as software for tablets called PotBot, using algorithms and reviews it recommends and helps patients decide which strain of the drug they need to use. The amazing BrainBot helmet aids doctors to measure brain waves and reactions of patients to specific strains. The next product to come is the NanoPot that reads the DNA of cannabis seeds to improve grower’s yields. So far, the company has raised over $1 million to improve scientific and medical legitimacy for the industry.

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Why You Should Build a Lifestyle Business

image of lifestyle buisness laptop 1If you feel your career is not fulfilling enough, or you have taken the wrong path, think about building a lifestyle business that can support you. If done correctly, they can provide you the freedom, security and flexibility to enjoy life to the fullest.

For people that want to live a certain lifestyle, a full-time job can take away time to pursue that lifestyle and to start up a business can be difficult and expensive. With a lifestyle business, you work for yourself, you earn enough income and to cover your expenses while you have full control to live your dreams.

What Is a Lifestyle Business?

A lifestyle business is a simple concept where you are the only employee; you have the time and freedom to do whatever you want. Being self-employed is about having no one boss you around. It is also about having flexibility to sustain your perfect lifestyle, be it traveling, pursuing hobbies or spending time with your children.

Rather than stressing to make the company big so you can get a return to your investors, the most important part of a lifestyle business is to give a great quality of life to the owner. It is very much less about success and more about living the life you want now rather than later.

Reasons to Start a Lifestyle Business

Start-Ups Can Be Risky

We see the amazing things that happen from start-ups: Instagram and Facebook. However, the reality is that there are hundreds that struggle to make a step in the market. When building a company from scratch, a lot of intense pressure and commitment is dedicated to the business. With lifestyle business, there are few costs needed and it is all about you.

Leave The 9-5 System

The modern society norm is 9-5 which becomes frustrating and tedious. Starting a company will require even more hours in the beginning and then back to 9-5 once you get going. With a lifestyle business, you can choose your hour’s right from the start and decide when and how much you want to work on any given day.


With a full-time job, you have a routine that you must stick to and with a start-up you must work as much as you can if you have investors waiting for success. A lifestyle business provides the opportunity to create your schedule, however, many hours and days you need to work on wherever you want to get what you need to be done.

images of lifestyle business 1Work From Any Location

You can choose where you want to work, be it your bed or a beach in the Bahamas, it’s your choice. As long as you are productive and have the internet, the world is your oyster.

Minimize Stress

With any job or business, stress will always be there. When you are running or working for a company, however, the amount of pressure, you are under can be extremely stressful on a daily basis. With your own lifestyle business, you are your boss and can set yourself targets to reduce pressure. While enjoying the freedom and things you love to do, life will be a lot more enjoyable and much less stressful.

Not Waiting Years For Profit

Any new business can take a long time to start making profit, no matter how much money is invested from the start. There are overheads that need to be covered, and it can take years before a profit is made. With your lifestyle business, there will be fewer overheads, profit will be made from the start and all the money is yours.

While it will still take effort and time in the beginning to establish yourself, there is a greater chance to make money quicker than larger businesses.

Gain Experience

When you are the only one working, you learn many more skills than just working in one field. You will be in control of everything so will have become experienced at everything, gaining many more skills than before. You are in charge of your finances, marketing, sales and more so you will become experienced in all fields of business.

Additional Resources

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