Do You Want To Start A Trampoline Park?

What can you do to start a trampoline park business? How will you be able to know what to do to keep people safe? These questions and a lot more are going to be answered in the following pieces of advice about this kind of business startup.

Trampoline Park Overview

The problem a lot of people have when they get started is that they are far too ambitious. It hurts you just to throw everything you have into something and then not think about what you’re doing. Instead of trying to work on just the park getting opened, you need to cover all of your bases. For instance, if you just buy a piece of land and put trampolines on it nobody is going to know about it because you haven’t marketed. There are a lot of steps to take, and no business is as simple as dumping money into it and hoping for the best.

Initial Costs

Look at the trampoline park start-up costs you’re going to have to pay to get things up and running. You’re going to have to pay for the area where this park is going to be, and you’ll also need the right equipment. Remember that staff will need to be on hand, and you also need to have safety implemented. Insurance and taxes are something to talk with a professional about. As you can see, there’s a little more to it than just one or two steps.

Safety First

Be very careful to implement safety measures in the park, and always take problems seriously as soon as the crop up. If there is a damaged trampoline (here’s a great article on trampoline care), you cannot let people use it until you get it fixed. The reason you want to be careful is that if someone gets hurt they may end up suing you and that could hurt your business to a point where it has to close for good. Not only should you watch out for the safety of your patrons, but you also need to train employees on how to stay safe while being able to notice any issues with equipment.

Property Concerns

The property you need to have should be large enough to accommodate all of your equipment. The ground also is going to need to be as flat as possible, or else the trampolines could be dangerous to have people using due to them losing their balance. You should look to other parks around the world on maps and check out their layout to get an idea of what works. If you can find any older parks that had to be closed, look through what their parks looked like to get an idea of what not to do.


You now have what it takes to start your business if you want to create a trampoline park. These guidelines should help you to build a foundation that’s solid to work off of. When it comes down to it, this advice can take you far if you apply it with all you’ve got.

What The Heck Are Digital Nomads?

A digital nomad is an individual who has the choice to work from a location of his/her choice and in most cases even sets his/her schedules. A digital nomad has no limitations when it comes to industries; he/she can work for different industries education, business, visual arts, personal development, and publishing.

Types of workers who fit under this category include web marketers, transcriptionists, executive coaches, business consultants, graphic designers, software developers, photographers, and writers. Commonly, a digital nomad relies on tools to perform their work; this includes computer laptop, wireless internet services, cell phones, e-book readers and web-conferencing tools. Outlined are effective tips on how to become a digital nomad.

image of digital nomad travel tips

Get an occupation that teaches you the skills you need to acquire

If you happen to be in no hurry of becoming a digital nomad, this is the best way to get started, look for a company that will teach you all the skills required to work online. This ensures that you are in a position to acquire the perfect skills needed by a digital nomad. It is also an effective way of getting paid to learn.

Become a freelancer during your free time

If your current expertise cannot be used to work online yet you still need the financial support from current job, then you could use your free time to work as a freelancer or consider starting a freelance business.

Study at an online university

Studying online can give you a flavor of what the digital nomad lifestyle is all about. All you need to do is identify an online university and sign up; this gives you the chance to travel the world, learn as well as learn the skills to work online all at once.

Consider buying an existing online business

One of the fastest but risky ways of becoming a digital nomad is by buying an already existing online business that is already generating income. There are sites that sell online businesses before you purchase the business; they are in a position to show you how much money the business is already generating as well as its monetization strategies.

This gives you enough income to start out as a digital nomad. It is easier to buy a business compared to starting one from scratch. It is, however, advisable to seek advice from experienced entrepreneurs before purchasing anything so as to avoid purchasing a business that is destined to fail.

Learn in a digital nomad hub

If you are financially able to move to a digital nomad hub, this is also a very effective way of becoming a digital nomad since you are in the company of other digital nomads. This is also an exciting way of starting out since it is quite inspiring to be surrounded by other digital nomads other than teaching yourself alone at home. If you do not have the finances required, you could start by saving. You could even rent out your home apartment and make a passive income as well.

Consider a job abroad

This is another exciting option; all you have to do is move abroad and look for a job that gives you a chance to work online. The best way to achieve this is by acquiring a Working Holiday Visa in any country, for example, Australia or Canada. You can even engage yourself in other occupations like teaching English, work as a dive instructor and at the same time work on improving your digital nomad skills during your free time.

Move your business online

If you already own a business that can be operated online, then all need to do is move your business online. You can consider using online accounting, webcams or staff that you trust enough to manage your business even when you are away. Quite possible!

Start your own online business

As much as the best way of becoming a digital nomad is by becoming an entrepreneur, it is also quite a hard route especially if you are just getting started. However, if you have the skills and experience, this is the best option of becoming a digital nomad.

When it comes to becoming a digital nomad, you do not require much money for you to get started. Simply pick one of the tips from this list and get started.

How To Start A WordPress Blog (And Make Money!)

Nowadays, blogging stands out as an incredible way to communicate, bring in more traffic to your site, make money, hone your writing skills, and build credibility and expertise, and so much more.

image of starting a wordpress blog 1

By nature, when you start a blog, it’s quite important that you put into consideration several aspects to come up with an excellent and successful blog. They include:

• What are your reasons for blogging?
• Decide and detail what exactly you are going to blog about
• Based on the nature of what you intend to do, decide whether to go for a free or paid blog.
• Carefully choose your domain name
• Learn and master the tricks and strategies on how to get traffic to your site

So basically, this is just but a basic overview of actions required to get yourself started on blogging. Next, let’s find out how to start one using WordPress.

Starting a Blog Using WordPress

In essence, blogging is all about developing good content and building a community of readers. Thanks to WordPress, a free blogging service where you can simply start your blog without having to learn anything to do with web design, programming, and related topics.

Here’s a simple procedure on how to set up your blog on WordPress:

• First, log on to and then proceed to create a free account. Here, you’ll be asked to come up with a name for your blog. So ensure you end up with a name that works, is easy to remember and perfectly suits what you intend to do. Remember, this is going to be part of your blog address. So choose wisely. Once done, it will look like this-

• Soon as you are through with setting up all the details, you’ll now be able to log into your account, where you’ll be taken straight to the dashboard. (Top left corner)

Customizing your site – To begin with, do away with all those default posts that come with the blog by simply going to the dashboard and clicking on edit, under Posts, then moving over the name of the post you’d like to delete. Once the option to delete comes up, click on delete.

• Next, you might also want to pick up a better template to post your blog other than the default one. So while still on the dashboard, click on appearance, then select themes. This will take you to another page where you’ll be able to choose the one you like.

About page – your WordPress blog will come with a default About page that implies you can add static pages to your blog. So go ahead and edit the About Page to feature information about you or what you intend to do with your blog. To do this, click on Pages (in the dashboard) then select edit under About.

Adjusting widgets – Widgets are accessed through the appearance option. They are those items that fill up the sidebars on your blog. You can add or remove by choosing a sidebar and carefully editing the options.

• Write your posts. Under the Posts category (in the dashboard) click on the New Post button. Proceed to write your article and once done, start to optimize it for the search engine by adding tags, categories, and appropriate keywords.

• There’s still a lot more you can do with your free WordPress blog. Carefully study the available options and keep trying them out.

WordPress Tips

Making money from Your Blog

If exploited well, blogging is an activity that can be very lucrative and profitable in the long run. Many professional bloggers today such as Darren Rowse and Yaro Starak pocket up to a six figure income from blogging alone. So if you are really serious about making money from it, then here are a few strategies you can learn to assist you to monetize your blog (are you an entrepreneur?).

• Sign up for affiliate marketing programs such as AdSense, Chitika’s eMinimalls, and others
• Provide consultation activities while blogging
• Opt for Affiliate programs such as Amazon, Clickbank, and others
• You can also sell merchandise or products
• Selling of blogs that have become popular for a good sum of money

One important tip for successful blogging is to ensure that you update your posts daily or at least five times a week. Aside from that, make use of the available search engine optimization tricks to boost your search engine rankings and attract traffic to your website.

So there you have it, folks. You can start your blog today, customize it well and also be sure to attempt the aforementioned strategies on how to make money from blogging. That way, you might end up lucky like the other successful bloggers too.

Your 5 Personality “Flaws” That Can Be Turned Into Entrepreneurial Gold

lunchtimeLet’s face it, we’re not all cut out to be in the corporate world of nine to five. However, many American’s find themselves in just such a rat race. A square peg stuffed into a round hole. The 30 minutes for lunch and two 15 minute breaks are the highlight of the work day. Of course, these folks aren’t alone, there are many others right alongside them. With a lot of personality differences (some would call these ‘flaws’) many are actually stepping out of the corporate world and embarking upon an entrepreneurial world with great results.

Now don’t stress, this doesn’t mean your ‘flaws’ are horrible. What is does mean is that you shouldn’t go against your instincts. If someone is complaining take a good hard look at the complaints and see if perhaps these ‘flaws’ aren’t really a good quality in disguise.

Perhaps it’s the career chosen and not a flaw at all. Maybe it’s really the career choice that is what should be changed and not you.

1. One Track Mind

Perhaps others refer to you as obsessive or an overachiever. Both sound so negative. However, if you look at any entrepreneur, you’ll see that it’s the desire to succeed that is keeping them in motion. Work weeks of over 100 hours are serious sacrifices, but they may be well wroth the sleepless nights if you’re making it as an entrepreneur. It is very important to have a work-life balance, but it can be an oxymoron if you’re not careful.

follow directionAre Entrepreneurs Wired Differently?

2. Authority Issues

If you’ve ever received a review that says you need to ‘follow directions‘ more accurately, you may be one that has problems with authority. What is your plan? Do others see you as rebellious? Are you able to follow orders and directions or do you do better when you set your own? If you chose the latter, you are a good candidate as an entrepreneur. Working like sheep won’t gain you the next Steve Jobs position. Keep it legal but be a worker bee if you wish.

3. Failed Relationships (Or No Relationships)

Is it the work balance ratio that is failing your relationships? Is it because you’ve not had any successful people in your life? It may not be commitment issues, it may just mean that you’re more prepared to commit than others around you. You may not have found the ‘one’ when it comes to your career yet. Never allow it to define you or imply that you’re still a kid. What others don’t see is that you have a passion and drive to do things in your own way. That’s okay, and it may lend itself well to an entrepreneurial venture.

Preventing Business From Destroying Your Personal Life

4. Introverts

friendsIt’s important to note that not all introverts are like Jeff Bezos’. Social butterflies aren’t always required in business. That doesn’t mean that introverts have anything wrong with them. It may mean that they can remain more focused on a work at home venture. It may mean that the few friends that they do have are much closer than superficial acquaintances. Hone the public speaking skills and networking skills and you may have a very successful person on your hands. Introverts possess many great qualities for observation, planning out activities and executing them.

5. Arrogance

Do others consider you arrogant? Do they want to ‘take you down’ a few pegs? Humility and false modesty won’t necessarily help an entrepreneur. You’ll have to believe in yourself and put your best foot forward. You’re the first investor of your company, and you’re your own cheerleader. Believe in yourself before you try to sell yourself.

A few American’s are excellent as entrepreneurs. However, many posses the great qualities of entrepreneurship. Let your ‘bad quality flaws’ shine through and be yourself, you may well be an entrepreneur in disguise.

Most Common Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

Starting a company from scratch is a difficult task for anyone, especially those new to the entrepreneurial world. Making mistakes is normal though to be aware of them before it happens is even better so it can be avoided. The failure rate for new businesses is very high so you must be ready to take it on the chin and learn from it. Entrepreneurship is about testing and improving, learn from the mistakes made and try to avoid those common ones.

Long Video, But Worth A Watch

Choosing The Wrong Partner

Having a co-founder with you is a big decision, and you will be responsible for choosing the right person that will be there with you through everything. With your skills, make sure to choose someone that compliments those skills so you are a team that can work together on everything.

image of entrepreneur mistakes 1Hiring The Wrong Employees

The business idea is not going to reach success on its own; the people you hire are going to do that. Take your time to find the right people for each job, and that have the skills you lack, and then you can build a team that can conquer anything.

Not Validating Your Ideas

Trusting your thoughts and ideas is one thing, but without getting validation you could be on the road to failure. Always test your idea before investing too much time, effort and money.

Get feedback on your product proposals from startup experts that have experience and from potential customers so you can understand and improve.

Not Knowing When To Change

When you test out your ideas, you will gain useful feedback that you might not be ready for. Rather than ignoring the feedback or forgetting your idea completely, there comes a time when you have to learn to change your ideas for the better. It may not be your original plan, but a new direction may be the key to bringing you success.

Taking Too Long Planning

A big mistake with many businesses and a reason lots fail is not getting the product or ideas to the market fast enough. Spending too long adding new features and more products can take more time and money for an unsure return. Instead, use your most valuable product and release it into the market, and then you can see whether it is worth adding more features or products to the line.

Not Enough Marketing

No matter how amazing your idea is, marketing is crucial. These days, having a strong online presence is something every business should have and using this to market is vital. Social media and search engine optimisation are some of the best ways to expand your reach and get your name out there.

The Right Amount of Input

Getting too much of the wrong advice or not enough of the right advice can be dangerous. Using intelligent input is part of building a successful business but only in the right amount, too much can be overpowering. Try to have sources that have experience in building businesses in your industry that can provide you with the right advice when needed. Having advisors for each part of the business can be better than those who advise on the business as a whole.

Choosing The Wrong Fundraiser

Almost all businesses will need capital to get started. Whether you choose to crowd fund, bootstrap or raise venture investment, you must choose one funding strategy before you begin and stick with it until the end. Dipping and dabbing in different schemes will only make you look bad and probably leave you with little money to play with.

Not Listening To Customers

The customer should be the businesses number one priority, as they are the ones buying your product or service. Listen to their feedback and be active in client communication. You should also be targeting a certain customer base rather than trying to reach out to everyone, make your product specific for your customers, and you will do better.

image of entrepreneur mistakes 2Not Networking

With a lot of business, success comes from knowing the right people. Do not put networking as low priority; take any opportunities to meet people whether they are potential customers or important people in the industry both online and in person. It will expand the visibility for your name and the business.


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