Drug Testing And Marijuana Startups – A Budding Industry

image of marijuana startup business 3Marijuana startups are all around us. They’re not going away anytime soon thanks to a marijuana push in our country.

Alaska recently joined as one of the states to legalize marijuana. Several other states have legalized medical marijuana. Which state is next?

Despite marijuana’s growing popularity, employers are still testing their employees across the country.

Conflict Of Interest?

We don’t know the specific drug testing policies for every company, but could you imagine Leafly asking prospective employers to submit a urine sample? It seems contradictory.

The marijuana movement doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. It’s only a matter of time before more states say yes to legal marijuana. But, how will the drug testing industry fair throughout the process?

Currently, patients of California’s medical marijuana program can be denied a job if they fail a drug test. So, in essence, we are saying it’s okay to use marijuana for health problems, but you’re not allowed to work in certain places because of it.

The math isn’t adding up, and it’s only going to get worse.

Of course, we’re highlighting the private companies of the nation. A private company has the right to drug test however they see fit.

The Demand To Pass

The drug testing industry coupled with a more relax marijuana nation has created a new market. It’s one where people want to solve the following problem: How to pass a drug test.

Check out the image below. It comes from Google trends, which is a free tool that allows anyone to compare search history. It’s much like a timeline the stock market uses.

image of how to pass a drug test graph

We entered the term, “pass a drug test”. As you can see, the term has been trending up for the past five or so years. The last five years represent a huge amount of change when it comes to people’s opinion of marijuana.

Remember when Washington and Colorado first allowed legal marijuana. Well, that change took place in 2012 and wasn’t implemented until 2013. Don’t expect the graph to slope downward anytime soon.

We decided to do more Google searches. We entered the following searches:

  • How To Pass A Drug Test
  • How To Pass A Urine Drug Test
  • How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test

If you’ve got 10 minutes to kill, take a moment and try some of these searches. The results were unbelievable. There are entire websites and online stores dedicated to providing people with products to help them pass their test.

We found out that the hair drug test is the hardest to pass. Drug Rehab Alliance says they know of products that will do the trick. If you’re interested, click here to learn about how people pass hair tests.

Other sites, like Erowid, provide information about expected drug timelines. Click here to learn more about drug detection times.

Did you try some of the searches? It’s unbelievable, and we believe the underground drug testing market will continue to thrive.

No one wants to test positive for a drug test, especially when they live in a pot-friendly state.

Who Is Losing?

In our opinion, we believe the companies and technology push of America will slow down if the tension isn’t resolved. Many of the world’s brightest individuals consume marijuana. Some of these people will be left without a job.

Innovation will slow down. Our nation will be divided.

What needs to change?

I believe the first step starts with our government. First off, it makes no sense that a state can legalize a drug that the federal government calls illegal.

The tension trickles down to the people of the nation. Companies want to preserve an image.

What are your thoughts on this new budding industry?

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