How To Start A WordPress Blog (And Make Money!)

Nowadays, blogging stands out as an incredible way to communicate, bring in more traffic to your site, make money, hone your writing skills, and build credibility and expertise, and so much more.

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By nature, when you start a blog, it’s quite important that you put into consideration several aspects to come up with an excellent and successful blog. They include:

• What are your reasons for blogging?
• Decide and detail what exactly you are going to blog about
• Based on the nature of what you intend to do, decide whether to go for a free or paid blog.
• Carefully choose your domain name
• Learn and master the tricks and strategies on how to get traffic to your site

So basically, this is just but a basic overview of actions required to get yourself started on blogging. Next, let’s find out how to start one using WordPress.

Starting a Blog Using WordPress

In essence, blogging is all about developing good content and building a community of readers. Thanks to WordPress, a free blogging service where you can simply start your blog without having to learn anything to do with web design, programming, and related topics.

Here’s a simple procedure on how to set up your blog on WordPress:

• First, log on to and then proceed to create a free account. Here, you’ll be asked to come up with a name for your blog. So ensure you end up with a name that works, is easy to remember and perfectly suits what you intend to do. Remember, this is going to be part of your blog address. So choose wisely. Once done, it will look like this-

• Soon as you are through with setting up all the details, you’ll now be able to log into your account, where you’ll be taken straight to the dashboard. (Top left corner)

Customizing your site – To begin with, do away with all those default posts that come with the blog by simply going to the dashboard and clicking on edit, under Posts, then moving over the name of the post you’d like to delete. Once the option to delete comes up, click on delete.

• Next, you might also want to pick up a better template to post your blog other than the default one. So while still on the dashboard, click on appearance, then select themes. This will take you to another page where you’ll be able to choose the one you like.

About page – your WordPress blog will come with a default About page that implies you can add static pages to your blog. So go ahead and edit the About Page to feature information about you or what you intend to do with your blog. To do this, click on Pages (in the dashboard) then select edit under About.

Adjusting widgets – Widgets are accessed through the appearance option. They are those items that fill up the sidebars on your blog. You can add or remove by choosing a sidebar and carefully editing the options.

• Write your posts. Under the Posts category (in the dashboard) click on the New Post button. Proceed to write your article and once done, start to optimize it for the search engine by adding tags, categories, and appropriate keywords.

• There’s still a lot more you can do with your free WordPress blog. Carefully study the available options and keep trying them out.

WordPress Tips

Making money from Your Blog

If exploited well, blogging is an activity that can be very lucrative and profitable in the long run. Many professional bloggers today such as Darren Rowse and Yaro Starak pocket up to a six figure income from blogging alone. So if you are really serious about making money from it, then here are a few strategies you can learn to assist you to monetize your blog (are you an entrepreneur?).

• Sign up for affiliate marketing programs such as AdSense, Chitika’s eMinimalls, and others
• Provide consultation activities while blogging
• Opt for Affiliate programs such as Amazon, Clickbank, and others
• You can also sell merchandise or products
• Selling of blogs that have become popular for a good sum of money

One important tip for successful blogging is to ensure that you update your posts daily or at least five times a week. Aside from that, make use of the available search engine optimization tricks to boost your search engine rankings and attract traffic to your website.

So there you have it, folks. You can start your blog today, customize it well and also be sure to attempt the aforementioned strategies on how to make money from blogging. That way, you might end up lucky like the other successful bloggers too.