Your 5 Personality “Flaws” That Can Be Turned Into Entrepreneurial Gold

lunchtimeLet’s face it, we’re not all cut out to be in the corporate world of nine to five. However, many American’s find themselves in just such a rat race. A square peg stuffed into a round hole. The 30 minutes for lunch and two 15 minute breaks are the highlight of the work day. Of course, these folks aren’t alone, there are many others right alongside them. With a lot of personality differences (some would call these ‘flaws’) many are actually stepping out of the corporate world and embarking upon an entrepreneurial world with great results.

Now don’t stress, this doesn’t mean your ‘flaws’ are horrible. What is does mean is that you shouldn’t go against your instincts. If someone is complaining take a good hard look at the complaints and see if perhaps these ‘flaws’ aren’t really a good quality in disguise.

Perhaps it’s the career chosen and not a flaw at all. Maybe it’s really the career choice that is what should be changed and not you.

1. One Track Mind

Perhaps others refer to you as obsessive or an overachiever. Both sound so negative. However, if you look at any entrepreneur, you’ll see that it’s the desire to succeed that is keeping them in motion. Work weeks of over 100 hours are serious sacrifices, but they may be well wroth the sleepless nights if you’re making it as an entrepreneur. It is very important to have a work-life balance, but it can be an oxymoron if you’re not careful.

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2. Authority Issues

If you’ve ever received a review that says you need to ‘follow directions‘ more accurately, you may be one that has problems with authority. What is your plan? Do others see you as rebellious? Are you able to follow orders and directions or do you do better when you set your own? If you chose the latter, you are a good candidate as an entrepreneur. Working like sheep won’t gain you the next Steve Jobs position. Keep it legal but be a worker bee if you wish.

3. Failed Relationships (Or No Relationships)

Is it the work balance ratio that is failing your relationships? Is it because you’ve not had any successful people in your life? It may not be commitment issues, it may just mean that you’re more prepared to commit than others around you. You may not have found the ‘one’ when it comes to your career yet. Never allow it to define you or imply that you’re still a kid. What others don’t see is that you have a passion and drive to do things in your own way. That’s okay, and it may lend itself well to an entrepreneurial venture.

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4. Introverts

friendsIt’s important to note that not all introverts are like Jeff Bezos’. Social butterflies aren’t always required in business. That doesn’t mean that introverts have anything wrong with them. It may mean that they can remain more focused on a work at home venture. It may mean that the few friends that they do have are much closer than superficial acquaintances. Hone the public speaking skills and networking skills and you may have a very successful person on your hands. Introverts possess many great qualities for observation, planning out activities and executing them.

5. Arrogance

Do others consider you arrogant? Do they want to ‘take you down’ a few pegs? Humility and false modesty won’t necessarily help an entrepreneur. You’ll have to believe in yourself and put your best foot forward. You’re the first investor of your company, and you’re your own cheerleader. Believe in yourself before you try to sell yourself.

A few American’s are excellent as entrepreneurs. However, many posses the great qualities of entrepreneurship. Let your ‘bad quality flaws’ shine through and be yourself, you may well be an entrepreneur in disguise.